2020 October 21

Union House Photography Tour

Union House Photography Tour was held by Tehran Photo Agency on Thursday, October 1st, 2020. 2020 October 01

Adel Ferdowsipour's birthday

Adel Ferdowsipour's 46th birthday party was held in the hotel complex of the Football Academy with the presence of some sports figures, members of the sports media team, Navad and Football 120. 2020 October 01

Freestyle Wrestling Premier League

The freestyle wrestling premier league competitions were held on Thursday, October 1st, in the 12,000-seat hall of the Azadi Sports Complex in Tehran. In the most sensitive round tournament of this competition in group A, Esteghlal Tehran team won against Azad University. 2020 October 01

Holding the recruitment test for assistant municipal managers

The recruitment exam of the assistant municipal managers was held this morning, Friday, October 2, 2020, with the presence of 2603 eligible in the two exam areas of Allameh Tabatabai University (females) and the Azad University of Tehran (males ). In this process, 265 assistants will be employed for 120 managerial positions. 2020 October 02

Under the pretext of “Shemiran” Day

Shemiran is a region that is adjacent and connected to the city of Tehran; It is located in the north and northeast of it. In popular parlance, this area is called "Shemron". Shemiran is the northernmost urban area of tehran in which it is located on the slopes of the Alborz Mountains. Villa houses, large and small gardens, tall towers and a combination of new and old urban planning are features of Shemron. 2020 October 03

2020 October 03

Small Vatican in the heart of Greater Tehran

The Greek Orthodox Church is the most beautiful church in Greece. One of these churches is located on Shahid Mofteh Street in Tehran, at the Taleghani intersection. Orthodox is translated into Greek as religious right. The center of the church was torn apart because of the differences over the theological principles of the Greek Orthodox people. The orthodox people living in Byzantium or Eastern Rome separated from Western Rome and dispersed to various places, including Iran and Tehran. Therefore, This factor led to the formation of a church in Tehran called the Orthodox Church. This church belongs to the Greeks who lived in Iran. Today, most of the followers of the Greek Orthodox Church have emigrated from Iran so that, few ceremonies are held in this church. 2020 October 03

The match between Persepolis Tehran and Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia

The match between Iran's Persepolis and Saudi Arabia's Al-Nasr in the semi-finals of the Asian Champions League ended moments ago. Persepolis managed to reach the Asian final with a penalty kick. 2020 October 04

2020 October 04

2020 October 04

City Photography

This museum included property and objects collected during the Qajar period in Iran. It was after this museum that official museums in Iran were formed. The history of the establishment of the museum in Iran and the antiquity of photography in Iran both date back to the Qajar period. In addition, as the first museum was formed in Golestan Palace, the first photography studio was in Golestan Palace called Mobarakeh Homayouni Photography Studio. Moreover, after all this time we find out That photography has such a long history that it has formed the basis of the formation of a museum, that is, a specialized - historical museum of photography called "Museum of City Photography". 2020 October 05

The final stage of women's track and field competitions

he final stage of Track and field competitions of the championship of the country's clubs in the women's section was hosted by Aftab Enghelab Stadium. Sepahan Isfahan team won the championship at the end of these competitions. 2020 October 05

Amir Kabir Square

"Plaza", which means "square" in Spanish, refers to those public spaces that are located in the heart of cities. Plaza have only a hangout function for citizens, regardless of commercial dimensions. The urban plaza of Amir Kabir Square with an area of ​​6500 square meters is located in Shokoofeh neighborhood on 17 Shahrivar Street in District 14. 2020 October 05

2020 October 05

2020 October 05

2020 October 06

2020 October 06

Today Tehran 1

Today the column of needs of all Tehran’s newspapers was: we need good news, ointment, hearts without heat, we need tears of joy, apprehensions of good events, more kindness, we need news with two lines of smiles... #Masoumeh_Saber collection of above photos may be the same good things , the same two lines of smile... 2020 October 06

Show ((Where is Ibrahim?))

The play "Where is Ibrahim?" directed and written by Leili Aaj; it went on stage at Sarv Theater in October 2020. In this play, Seyyed Javad Hosseini, Siamak Zein Al-Dini, Morteza Abdollahi, Nahal Hajian, Shahrooz Aghaeipour, Yazdan Darabi, Mehdi Jafaripour, Ali Chaghouchi play roles. 2020 October 06

2020 October 06

2020 October 06

Video mapping performance on the occasion of Tehran Week

3D lighting program (video mapping) was performed on the occasion of Tehran Week commemoration on Tuesday, October 4th, 2020. This three-dimensional play, entitled "A Century of Tehran", designed on the occasion of Tehran Week. It shows a brief and symbolic image of the most significant events of contemporary Tehran in the past century. 2020 October 06

2020 October 07

2020 October 08

Today Tehran 2

Today the column of needs of all Tehran’s newspapers was: we need good news, ointment, hearts without heat, we need tears of joy, apprehensions of good events, more kindness, we need news with two lines of smiles... #Masoumeh_Saber collection of above photos may be the same good things , the same two lines of smile... 2020 October 08

2020 October 08

2020 October 08

Funeral of Master Mohammad Reza Shajarian in Behesht Zahra

The funeral of veteran Iranian singer Mohammad Reza Shajarian was held in Behesht Zahra (PBUH) in Tehran with the presence of his family and a group of artists and officials. 2020 October 09

Today Tehran 3

Today the column of needs of all Tehran’s newspapers was: we need good news, ointment, hearts without heat, we need tears of joy, apprehensions of good events, more kindness, we need news with two lines of smiles... #Masoumeh_Saber collection of above photos may be the same good things , the same two lines of smile... 2020 October 09

Government spokesman visits the plan to use mandatory masks in the subway

On the morning of Saturday, October 10th, 2020, government spokesman Ali Rabiee attended the Shahr Theater metro station to monitor the mandatory use of masks in public places. 2020 October 10

Opening of the old entrance of the Post Museum

The opening ceremony of the old entrance of the Post Museum on Imam Khomeini Street was held after 37 years in the presence of the mayor of District 12. 2020 October 10

Today Tehran 4

Today the column of needs of all Tehran’s newspapers was: we need good news, ointment, hearts without heat, we need tears of joy, apprehensions of good events, more kindness, we need news with two lines of smiles... #Masoumeh_Saber collection of above photos may be the same good things , the same two lines of smile... 2020 October 10

Funeral service for Mohammad Reza Shajarian in Toos

The body of Master Mohammad Reza Shajarian was buried in the morning of Saturday, October 10th. The family of this artist, cultural and artistic figures and presence of different strata of people attended during ceremony. In addition, He buried in the area of ​​Ferdowsi Tomb located in Toos. 2020 October 10

Low Heights

Working in height has always been a difficult and risky job; At the same time, if the safety tips are observed in this job, the risk of an accident can be minimized. In this collection , we have tried to show some of the hardships that these workers endure. 2020 October 12

Ghasr Museum Garden

The Ghasr Museum Garden, formerly known as Ghasr Prison, was the first centralized prison in Tehran. This prison is now closed and is called the Ghasr Museum Garden; it is consider as one of the cultural, historical and artistic centers of the country. Moreover, it is located on Shahid Sayad Shirazi Highway, Police Street. 2020 October 12

2020 October 13

2020 October 13

2020 October 13

2020 October 14

150 year old house in the heart of Tehran

This house, which is located on Lalehzar Street, is about 150 years old. It is currently in the initial stages of renovation and rebuilding. 2020 October 14

2020 October 14

2020 October 14

Filling Moghadam square

On Friday morning, October 9th, two residential and commercial buildings in Moghadam Square in Tehran's 17th district collapsed due to unsafe excavation of an adjacent building. By order of the judicial authorities, the contractor of this project was responsible for filling this pit. To speed up the work process, the municipality of District 17 took action and by the order of the deputy of municipal services of Tehran Municipality took the soils from different parts of the capital, to the Moghadam square to fill this pit. 2020 October 14

Photography tour of Azadi Tower cultural complex

simultaneously with the forty-ninth year of the opening of the Azadi Tower, a photography tour of this cultural and artistic complex was held in the presence of a group of photographers and photography professors on the evening of thursday, october 15, 2020. 2020 October 16

Bird Garden Phase II

The largest bird garden in the Middle East with a total area of ​​22 hectares and with more than 6,000 birds hosts enthusiasts. The second phase of this garden has just been opened for flying birds in an area of ​​8.1 hectares and a height of 50 meters with a bird netting roof and wall. 2020 October 17

The Garden of Life

The garden of life with an area of ​​24 hectares has been built in Shahid Harandi neighborhood. A wall with an area of ​​two kilometers has been built around it inorder to build this green space.This park has facilities such as a lake, library, open amphitheater hall and a field for stopping and cultural interaction, as well as sports and children's play facilities. This park is one of the largest parks in the Shush region and its construction site was one of the local pits in the distant past. It used to be a place for social anomalies and the supply of drugs by smugglers. The problem has been solved on this neighborhood and this space has become a safe environment for the residents to have fun and improve their living standards, as well as to increase the health level of the neighborhood because of the construction of this park specially the wall. 2020 October 18

2020 October 19

2020 October 19

2020 October 19

2020 October 19

2020 October 20

2020 October 20

2020 October 20

National dynamism to promote women's health and vitality

The conference was organized by the National Olympic Academy to promote the great dynamic of promoting women's health and vitality through sports. The conference was attended by Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice President for Women's Affairs, as well as some of the Vice Presidents of Women's Sports Federations. 2020 October 20

2020 October 21

Visit and photography tour of Kooshk Shaghaghi mansion

The tour of visiting and photographing the kooshk Shaghaghi mansion was held on Wednesday morning, 21st October 2020, in cooperation with the Tehran Photo Agency and the Safarnevis website. 2020 October 21

Timurtash House and War Museum

Timurtash House is one of the historical houses of District 11 in tehran. The house was turned into a war museum with the participation of the Army of the Islamic Republic and the Municipality of District 11 of, and it was possible for the public to visit. The War museum is located on South Kargar Street, Pasteur Square and in front of Hor Square Metro inside University. 2020 October 22

Appreciation of the mayor of Tehran for the exemplary dustmen of the city

Pirooz Hanachi, the mayor of Tehran, on Wednesday, 21st October 2020, at his workplace in the municipal building, praised the exemplary dustmen of the city. 2020 October 21

Milad Tower, host of the seventh base jump

The seventh base jump program from Milad Tower was held today on the occasion of Physical Education Week with the participation of Tehran Municipality and NAJA Special Unit. this program was carried out with the presence of 15 parachute jumpers of the country. Moreover, 2 employees of Tehran Municipality - Hadi Afshan and Mohammad Hossein Panahi accompanied them. 2020 October 23

Remember companion has traveled

The world is the preseno of the martyrs, but there is no confidant who realizes this presence and does not lose himself against this apparent emptiness ... Time passes and places collapse, but the truth remains ... (Martyr Avini) 2020 October 24

2020 October 25

Bridges of Tehran; Roshandalan bridge

The non- level Roshandelan bridge with a length of 900 meters is located between Etemadi alley to Shahid Mofteh south street. The bridge has 6 lanes, so that 2 middle lanes are for express bus system (BRT) line 1 and 4 lanes north and south are for vehicles. vehicles could reach each of Shariati, Bahar and Khaghani streets without stopping from the wooden bridge by exploiting this bridge. Although Roshandalan Bridge was initially supposed to cut only Roshandalan intersection and be completed within 6 months. It was exploited on October 9, 2009 in district 7 of the municipality because of the increase of the project to 900 meters in length and variable width of 16 to 32 meters. This bridge was used with the aim of eliminating the intersections of Enghelab Street with Shariati, Bahar and Roshandalan - smoothing the traffic of Enghelab Street and smoothing the side turns and traffic of the region. Pich Shemiran station (BRT line 1) is located on this bridge and Tehran citizens and citizens reached this station by escalator. 2020 October 26

2020 October 27

2020 October 27

Rescue dogs

Dogs were used in the early 1750s to help the wounded and missing. Today's search and rescue teams are a link between dogs and humans that perform operations such as tracking, finding victims of crime, avalanches, earthquakes and floods. At the time of the Bam earthquake rescue center or the "training and maintenance of spy dogs" in 1993, started its activities with 9 dogs and was able to save 67 people alive in its first serious presence in the Bam earthquake; What none of the American and European countries present at the Bam earthquake could do. 2020 October 28

2020 October 29

Meeting of media football teams and engineering

Today's Guild Cup competitions were followed on the lawn of the University of Tehran by holding a meeting between the media and engineering teams. The match ended in a 3-1 victory for the media team. In this match, Adel Ferdowsipour was able to score two goals for his team. 2020 October 29

Army Martyrs Park

The development and growth of green spaces in different areas of the capital ( region 7) is not balanced. The reasons of these differences is: building density, population and lack of vacant land are . With the efforts of the municipality of District 7 and the acquisition of Army Martyrs Garden and its change of use to a park, this per capita has increased. 2020 October 31

Forgotten Health

Health defenders are left alone in these dark days of Corona. Not only the fatigue of 9 months, but also the unkindnesses of the people and the officials, have made them even more annoyed. There is no more news of passings under the Qur'an, prayers of blessings, epics of love and even the rhythmic joys of the medical staff. All those beautiful scenes of the narrations of love seem to have disappeared in the blackness of the corona. 2020 October 31

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Nature Bridge

Nature Bridge is one of the signs of tourism in Tehran and is the source of beauty of the city. This bridge is built on Modares Highway, which is one of the north-south routes of Tehran, and it has a special and exemplary beauty. Construction of this bridge began in the fall of 2010 and ended in the fall of 2014. After the opening of Tehran Nature Bridge, this bridge quickly became a collective urban space and was welcomed. 2020 October 31

2020 October 31

Tehran Mayor meets with Seyed Abdullah Anvar

Pirooz Hanachi, the mayor of Tehran, met and talked with Seyed Abdullah Anvar, a Tehranologist, copywriter , manuscript writer, cataloger, mathematician, and specialist in ancient mathematical texts, at his home in this evening, Sunday, November 2, 2020. 2020 November 01