About Us

Tehran Photo Agency has started working as a specialized media collection in the field of urban photography since 2011 and as a part of Tehran Municipality Communication and International Affairs Center, with its initial mission to provide video coverage of important events of Tehran Municipality and in the second priority. Take a fresh look at the field of urban photography. In this regard, in addition to the activities of permanent photographers, Tehran Photo Agency is proud to work with a group of veteran urban photographers in specific and predetermined projects. Also, cooperation with photographers in 22 districts of Tehran Municipality, deputies and organizations Subsidiaries and, of course, volunteer photographers have made it impossible for the coverage of the urban programs of this complex to be focused on the center and to cover all parts and neighborhoods of the capital. This abundance of coverage has enabled any event or incident to be recorded in the shortest possible time, and the slogan of "every neighborhood is a photographer" has become a reality. The third priority and mission of Tehran Photo Agency is to hold cultural and artistic events and training courses. Holding photography tours, competitions, festivals and specialized urban photography mourning to meet the cultural and artistic needs, as well as holding specialized photography courses to meet the educational needs of those interested in the art of photography are among the activities considered in this collection.
According to our expertise and experience in the field of urban photography, we intend to show the beauties of the capital of Iran more and more to everyone.