Bridges of Tehran; Roshandalan bridge

Oct 26, 2020
The non- level Roshandelan bridge with a length of 900 meters is located between Etemadi alley to Shahid Mofteh south street. The bridge has 6 lanes, so that 2 middle lanes are for express bus system (BRT) line 1 and 4 lanes north and south are for vehicles. vehicles could reach each of Shariati, Bahar and Khaghani streets without stopping from the wooden bridge by exploiting this bridge. Although Roshandalan Bridge was initially supposed to cut only Roshandalan intersection and be completed within 6 months. It was exploited on October 9, 2009 in district 7 of the municipality because of the increase of the project to 900 meters in length and variable width of 16 to 32 meters. This bridge was used with the aim of eliminating the intersections of Enghelab Street with Shariati, Bahar and Roshandalan - smoothing the traffic of Enghelab Street and smoothing the side turns and traffic of the region. Pich Shemiran station (BRT line 1) is located on this bridge and Tehran citizens and citizens reached this station by escalator.
Marzieh Noorali