Plasco; Bitter After That Day

Jan 20, 2022
Thursday, December 20, 2016 A history that will never be forgotten. On that day, a tragic fire broke out in the Plasco building at the Istanbul crossroads, which collapsed after burning for 3.5 hours. The demolition of the Plasco building was completed on Friday, February 29, 2017. According to the Tehran Emergency Report, the latest announcement of the number of injured in this accident was 235 people. There are different statistics on missing persons, but most of these statistics are between 20 and 30 people. One of the firefighters present at the time of the destruction died at the hospital due to severe burns. The bodies of 16 firefighters and six civilians were also recovered from the rubble. But now Plasco has been built according to the latest regulations, regulations and guidelines in the field of construction, especially firefighting, on 20 floors with 20,000 meters of infrastructure, and it is hoped that it will regain its former prosperity.
Shayan Mehrabi

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