Qawam Al-Dawlah Mansion; A house two centuries old

Jan 18, 2022
Ghavam al-Dawla mansion is one of the most magnificent and beautiful historical and nationally registered houses of the Qajar period, dating back nearly two centuries. Of course, this building is reminiscent of the "Bozorg Agha" mansion for fans of the "Shahrzad" series. The basic restoration of this mansion for 5 years from 1345 to 1350 by Professor Mohammad Karim Pirnia and the restoration of Qajar tiles has been done under the supervision of Professor Habibian. This three-story house with two large courtyards reflects the original and traditional Iranian architecture. Rectangular mirror hall with a high ceiling on the ground floor with beautiful sash windows and stained glass, the dining hall, which is known as a winter residence due to its light, along with Iranian and European paintings and designs, has added to the beauty of this mansion.
hamidreza darajati