Singer Building

Jan 15, 2022
There is a 150 building on South Saadi Street, after Mokhber Doleh crossroads, which was built in the 20s and the Pahlavi period. Nikolai Markov, a senior architect living in Iran, designed the building, known as the Singer Building. The building uses travertine, a facade reminiscent of the architecture of St. Mary's Church and St. Stephen. The architecture of the building was an adaptation of the common architectural styles of Europe at that time, which is a neoclassical example taken from the classical architecture of the sixteenth century Europe. "SINGER" was the name of an American company that manufactured a sewing machine, and the name of this building was given to it due to the establishment of a representative of Singer Company. The Singer building was evacuated after the revolution and later became an abandoned building until it was handed over to private owners in the early 1960s and turned into a company and warehouse office. This work was registered as one of the national works of Iran on November 15, 2006 with the registration number 16254.
Shayan Mehrabi