Vosough Al-Dawlah Garden (Sulaymaniyah)

Sep 19, 2021
Vosough Al-Dawlah Garden (Sulaimaniyah) is one of the parks in District 14, which has an area of approximately 2 hectares and is located on Shahid Mahallati Highway, Shohada Square. This mansion is 150 years old and was built by Hassan Khan known as "Vosough Al-Dawlah". Mirrors and paintings of flowers and chickens and murals on the walls and ceiling of the mansion are unique. The rooms have a sash decorated with delicate wood and stained glass. Artistic Director: Fereydoon Ghorbani / Video: Hamidreza Dorsti / FPV: Alireza Moradi / Editor: Mohammad Haddad Nasab