Windbreak mansion; From Fath Ali Shah to Muzaffaruddin Shah

Aug 9, 2021
The third oldest building in Golestan Palace is the Windcatcher tower mansion, which was built between 1220 (1841) and 1224(1845) AH by order of Fath Ali Shah Qajar and, of course, was rebuilt during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah to become what is today. The Windcatcher tower mansion is actually a large royal hall that consists of two earrings, two porches and a pool house. The reason for naming this mansion as "Windcatcher tower" is that in the pool house and in its quadrangle, there are 4 tall Windcatcher tower made of blue, yellow and black mosaic tiles with golden domes to cool the air of the pool house, hall and rooms with them. The coronation of Muzaffar al-Din Shah in the summer of 1274 (1895) AH has been recorded as the most important historical event of this mansion.
Hamid Raza Darajati

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