World War II memorial; Behind the brick walls of Gholhak Garden

Jun 26, 2021
There is a relic of the world war ll, behind the brick walls of a special monastery on the south side of the British Embassy Garden in the Gholhak neighborhood. In the heart of this historic sanctuary are 564 soldiers, sailors, aviators, and etc; the Allied Army World Wars are buried in the heart of the ground with special tombstones. In addition from this number, 13 tombs belong to anonymous soldiers and another 25 tombs belong to foreign nationals residing in Iran. What is interesting is the very high visual and optical order that can be seen in this space; The design of the trees the planting of roses and the placement of the tombs have created a unique atmosphere. One of the attractions of this monastery is the dome-shaped monument, which is the result of a combination of Iranian-Islamic architecture and Western architectural style. Moreover, there is a long white crossthe, at the end of the shrine and facing the turquoise memorial dome; The Cross of Sacrifice - a Commemoration of World War II for the Commonwealth - was designed by Sir Reginald Bloomfield in 1918 for the Royal Commission on War Monasteries. Indeed , among the graves of those killed in the world wars, there are signs of Muslim, jew soldiers, and even women and children of 2 and a half days.
Hamid Raza Darajati

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