Abandoned history; “Malek” Property

Jun 16, 2021
The Ghajri Golabdere mansion, known as the "Malek" mansion, has been hourly rented by studios for wedding photography for many years instead of protection; This mansion has been abandoned and has not even been registered in the list of national monuments. This historic mansion certainly has a dignified history to which even Gertrude Bell, a British writer, tourist, and archaeologist, has devoted an entire chapter to his book, as the “Malekiltojar”. Of course, of the "Golabdereh Twin Gardens", only one mansion - in unfavorable conditions - remains and almost the entire garden has disappeared. These two gardens each have their own differences and at the same time the same traits. In addition they had shown diversity in The traditional theme of the Persian garden that made in accordance with the steep slope pattern of Golabdereh.
Hamid Raza Darajati

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