Tehran Metro Development; Health Defenders Station

Jun 16, 2021
Tehran Metro is considered as one of the greatest projects in the Middle East; it is now nearing its peak days and new stations under construction on lines 6 and 7 are to be put into operation soon. today, the main concern of city managers is to create a safe environment away from any danger to citizens, and this can be done by expanding the urban rail transport network and creating secure infrastructure. Accordingly, Baqer Khan metro station on line 7 of Tehran metro, which is strategically located at an important and vital point in Tohid Square and the beginning of Shahid Chamran Highway and Imam Khomeini Hospital, will be put into operation soon. Moreover, And the name of this station should be named as the station of health defenders in order to honor the health workers of the country.
Saeed Rabiee

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