A cemetery dating back to history

Jun 13, 2021
Imamzadeh Abdullah is one of the most famous shrines in Shahre Rey. Although This place is being buried by many celebrities and being famous , it is unfamiliar and abandoned even to the people of Shahre Rey. In the cemetery of this Imamzadeh, famous personalities such as Saber Hamedani, Sadegh Sarmad, Vahid Dastgerdieh, Mohammad Hashem Afzal Al-Ulma, Shams al-Ulama Mahallati, Mohammad Thani Khansari, Salimi Ghalam, Sheikh Majd Razi, Adib Peshawari, Professor Jafar Shahidi, Ali Dashti, Emad al-Kitab are buried.
Saeed Rabiee

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