Tehran wheat silo

Mar 23, 2021
The construction of this silo began in 1935 in the southern region of Tehran by the Germans and was put into operation in just four years to take the first steps for development and progress. Later, due to the presence of Germans (Nazis) in that area, it was named Naziabad. although in this project the Germans built 90% of this structure. Russia gaining power over Iran at that time and they influencing the rulers of the time. This project was taken from the Germans at the end of their work and handed over to the Russians. Therefore, All equipment and devices inside the silo are made in Russia. Tehran Silo belongs to the first Pahlavi period and was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on August 10th, 2005 with registration number 12782. This silo is located in the 16th district of Tehran Municipality, near the southern terminal, on Shahid Rajaei Highway.
Shayan Mehrabi

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