Ismaili Historical Bath

Mar 3, 2021
The Ismaili bath belongs to the Qajar period and is located in the Ismaili neighborhood of Tehran, Kan district, and this work was registered on September 3rd, 2001 with the registration number 3791 as one of the national monuments of Iran. The historic bath is several steps below ground level. The wisdom of the baths being low has been that they can fill the treasury with surface water. Around the baths some rooms were built called "Shahneshin" and it was mostly a place for the elders, celebrities and rich people of the neighborhood. The water supply system in this bathroom was amazingly designed and its storage was such that the water was heated very easily. Unlike many traditional baths, this bath had two sections for men and women, and the residents of the neighborhood did not need to be separate shifted to take a bath.
Shayan Mehrabi

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