parallel world

Feb 20, 2021
The available data show that the volume of ordinary garbage per day in the capital was 6,500 tons, which has now increased to 8,500 tons, and of course it is necessary to mention that this announced statistic is not very accurate and reliable. According to studies, waste generated in the north of Tehran is at least twice the national average and four times the global standard. The very high volume of waste production, on the one hand, and the economic pressure and poverty caused by unemployment, on the other hand, have led to the emergence of a phenomenon called garbage collection in cities, which in addition to creating social problems, has made the city ugly and reprehensible. It has created a parallel world in the city. It is hoped that with the full implementation of the cup scheme and the separation of waste from the source and the creation of a suitable environment for youth employment, this problem will gradually be alleviated.
Saeed Rabiee

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