Church of Joseph

Dec 30, 2020
The Church of Hazrat Yousef belongs to the Assyrians of the Catholic religion. The church is located in Tehran, Enghelab Street, Mousavi Street, and it was built in 1950 AD. The church is built on a high plateau with eight steps on the west side of the courtyard. The plan of the church is a rectangular basilica with dimensions of 20 by 16 meters in the east-west direction, the altar of which is located on the east side of the building. In the front part of the altar, there are two half-columns of the main pillars of the church with a decorative pattern. In addition to the three skylights installed on each of the north and south walls of the church, which have decorative glass, eight skylights have been built on the dome. The Church of Yousef has a beautiful entrance that is an adaptation of the famous gate of the ancient city of Babylon.
Hamid Reza Darajati

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