Qasr Museum Garden

Dec 12, 2020
The Qasr Museum Garden, formerly known as Qasr Prison, was the first centralized prison in Tehran. This prison is now closed and is called the Qasr Museum Garden. The Qasr museum is located on Shahid Sayad Shirazi Highway, Police Street, as one of the cultural, historical and artistic centers of the country. BozorgAlavi wrote the story of himself and other famous prisoners who were jailed for many years in the book "53 People" in Qasr Prison. Iranian Garden" is one of the parts of this complex in which it has been created by taking advantage of the plant diversity of a pleasant urban space and an open-air museum. One of the main sections is the "Museum of the History of the Islamic Revolution of Iran". This museum is a picture of the struggles of the people during the Pahlavi era and the other section is the "Prison Museum", which is a visual reconstruction of the prison atmosphere of what happened during the Pahlavi regime.
Mehdi Shourideh

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